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When Thu 23 May 2019 from 19:00 until 23:30
What Mick's Balstock B'day Bash (Syteria/JoanOvArc/Indi & the Vegas/No Sleep TIL Bedtime/Jade Green and the Bloodkings/Cara Beard/Steph Scott/Daisy Keeble) £10
How Much £10.00
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We normally have Sounds of Balstock around this time, but this year as it is my 50th birthday we have decided to have a shindig at the best live venue in the world (Ok Hertfordshire)

5 Bands
3 Acoustic acts (maybe more)
and lots of fun

Featuring Jax Chambers from the legendary Girlschool, Keira Kenworthy, Julia Vocal (Calvo) and Pablo Calvo, Syteria are a four piece UK rock band formed in 2015. When they played Club 85 before they blew the roof off. Then half of them ate me out of house and home.

You know who they are...These four ladies are Balstock stalwarts who have played just about every year. With a new album being released soon expect some new songs and and some old ones and hopefully a few surprises.
I am so happy they are playing for my birthday as I love them to bits.

indi and The Vegas
Catchy funk-rockers - IATV blend guitar hooks and innovative song writing alongside modern production, all while retaining the intrigue, power and skill of a live band. Indi’s soulful voice is instantly recognisable, allowing the band to naturally morph between multiple styles while retaining their identity.

NO Sleep TIL Bedtime
A Punk, a Fireman and a classic guitarist - sounds like a recipe for disaster but it's not; it's a melding of minds who will bring some amazing covers to life as only they do it. It's always gonna be fun when the La Roche brothers are around!

Jade Green and the Bloodkings
Jade Green likes Mick. The Blood Kings like Mick. So, Jade Green and The Blood Kings really like Mick, and cannot wait to rip his birthday a new one!! 🤘
Expect beefy riffs, dirty bass, husky vocals, and a bloke that hits things.
Don't expect to remember us the next day.
Let's party!! 🍻🍻

Cara Beard
Singer-Songwriter from Hertfordshire and has been performing regularly in venues all around the world. Love this young lady such a talent the next big thing !

Stephanie Scott
Another amazing singer and songwriter from Hertfordshire who is also as mad as a box of frogs. She we play anything you want unless it is Wonderwall !!!

Daisy Keeble
Daisy a 19 year old singer from Letchworth entertains with indie, country and other acoustic covers of songs that everyone knows. A regular on the local music/festival circuit she’s been a familiar face at Balstock, Goatfest and Todd in the Hole.

Tickets are £10 online or on the door.
We Got Tickets link

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